Research with Purpose

The Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network (EEPRN) is seeking academic research project proposals in the following research areas:

  • Policies for a Low Carbon Economy;
  • Innovation and Competitiveness;
  • Conservation (including species at risk protection);
  • Data Set Development and Linkages;

We particularly encourage proposals in these research areas that feature the use and application of behavioural economics to study expected responses to environmental policy, including regulatory approaches and the use of market based instruments (MBIs). We will also prioritize in the review process those proposals that include specific case studies or empirical analysis of programs in Canada or internationally (that Canada may learn from), as well as proposals for surveys or innovative experimental approaches to evaluate the role of, or advantages to, alternative policy options for the design of environmental policy in any of the proposed research priority areas.

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Sustainable Prosperity Research Network

The Sustainable Prosperity Research Network actively supports and funds cutting-edge environment-economy research. Key to the activity of the network is our funding and engagement with graduate student researchers. SP's Student Network is made up of graduate students (Masters', Ph.D.'s, and Post-Doc's) from across the country who come from different disciplines, but share a common interest in making markets work for the environment. Graduate student research projects are chosen through a competitive Call for Proposals and require students to work under an advisor from our Network of prominent academics and researchers at universities nation-wide. SP also commits to help disseminate the research done by our students through blog posts, policy briefs, conference support, and other engagement.

Current research topics range across SP's project lines, and include work on the low carbon economy, environmental markets, sustainable communities, and other economy-wide issues. For more information on our funded projects, click here